Co Working

Co Working

Real estate investment is a very attractive avenue for wealth building, as there are few other business opportunities where the potential for income is so high.  However, it can be a very risky endeavor to step out on your own and jump into a volatile market.  Navigating the financial and legal issues surrounding real estate investment can be an incredible hassle.

The reality is that buying a residential investment property is more like starting a business than making a simple investment! Takes a lot of planning and a great deal of research in selecting the right property investment.

Hurdles include a huge up front cash requirement, a mortgage that leaves you exposed to funding significant re-payments if the property is empty between tenants, dipping into your (now depleted) savings account if something goes wrong, not to mention onerous admin and legal obligations.

Our purpose is to solve these problems, starting from scratch with what the average investor wants. For every project the company invests & manages we will be setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which allows for maximum shareholder growth, profit & security. Funds raised through crowdfunding will be used for the specific projects which we will develop ie: long lease of a building, purchase of real estate, design & fit out & working capital for co living properties.

Shortly we will be setting up a crowd funding campaign and we will also raise funds from private investors, angels, venture capitalists, real estate funds and REITS.

For further details or to arrange a meetings or a conference call to discuss co investing please email us on .