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About Us

About Us

Carstairs & Co is a developer and operator of Co Living buildings in United Kingdom & Asia/Pacific. We are committed to creating positive, vibrant co  living developments that set the standard for the industries rental sector and integrate our core values of responsibility, exclusivity and commitment.

Our mission is to establish Carstairs & Co as the pre-eminent trusted brand for co living tenants and communities in Asia/Pacific. We aim to rewrite the rules of co living rental, removing the complexities that renters currently face and providing tenants with more time to play, more space to live, more freedom to choose and more reasons to trust.

Our vision is not just to provide places to live, but also the essence of lifestyle. We want to identify what’s important to our residents and allow them to live their lives to the fullest. We design common areas to reflect the surrounding neighborhood while the units are finished in a contemporary international style. Aimed at the discerning renter, we produce vibrant, high-quality environments.

We beleive Co-living is one of the most exciting innovations in urban housing in years, but what is its future? Could this model of shared ownership appeal to more than just the makers and creators? What other groups would benefit from shared-space living? What are the inherent problems with collective habitation and how could they be addressed? We intend to address these issues and to see which segment will fit Asia/Pacific best.

Carstairs & Co – “Living Simpler & Smarter”